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2017 Base in  Japan

Hong Kong based Doll artist, designer, photographer. Self-taught hand sculpted and hand painted Ball Jointed Dolls.

Inspired by Amano Katan at age 10.

Her photographs capture voyeuristic and ethereal portraits of her sculptures.

Her keen eye for fashion and sense of design are key elements with her frequent collaborations with Ashley Wood and 3A.


Ball-Jointed Dolls

Original handmade by Clay, with glass eyes. 

Tailored costume. 

Painted material. Oil paint, Acrylic paint, mix media. 



- Dolls/ Photography

Each Doll is one off and limited in one piece. 

Please Contact for purchasing enquiry. 

- Books/ Toys

Please Contact 3A for stock enquiry.

Shipping Worldwide

(Shipping fee is not included in Price,

please email your address for cost enquiry)




All items are non-refundable. 

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