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Siu is a sculpture artist currently bases in her home city Hong Kong.
With a passion for photography. She captures all her sculpture works through her lens, creating a visual documentation of her artistry. 

Her creations range from ball joint dolls to artistic statues that capture the beauty of the human form and nature. Siu works with materials like air-dry clay, Sculpey, and mixed media paints, crafting sculptures in various scales.

Collaborating with Ashley Wood for over a decade, Siu has contributed to projects like the MUSE series, Unknown Giant Robot Skull, GOGOGO handbags and more.
In addition to her artistry, Siu is a certified Yoga Teacher. She combines her passion for art and knowledge of yoga to create pieces that promote calmness and mental wellness. Siu's sculptures serve as a sanctuary, offering a peaceful experience.

Through her art, Siu aims to bring together beauty and emotional well-being, creating a tranquil and transformative experience for viewers.

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